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Carbonara Day: on the 6th of April we celebrate the world’s most famous dis

 Various dates are set aside to celebrate excellent Italian food and traditional dishes. These include Carbonara Day, promoted every 6th of April by the pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food, with an immense virtual banquet whose 5 latest editions have reached over a billion spectators. This dish has become international by now, but opinions differ about both its preparation method and ingredients (recall the recent scandal concerning smoky-tomato carbonara in the New York Times).
The column Cook in the Italian paper Il Corriere della Sera offers eight creative versions of carbonara gathered by Deliveristo, a portal which allows restaurateurs and chefs to contact suppliers, providing permutations from vegan to kosher, from pizza to tortello. But the Italian Academy of Cuisine cannot fail to refer readers to the recipe for Spaghetti alla Carbonara (in the Roman manner) from the cookbook La cucina della tradizione a tavola (Traditional Cooking at the Table).