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Focus October 2020

The new App brings the Academy’s world to all enthusiasts of our great cuisine

See page 9  for all the necessary details to start this interesting exploration.

The entire Italian Academy of Cuisine is for everyone, always available, always with us, always ready to inform us regarding any news, regulations and activities pertaining to the gastronomic universe. When you read this Focus, the work of months, following extensive testing, will finally be available on your smart phones or tablets, for both iOS and Android, in both Italian and English.
This innovation will even allow the general public to enter the Academy’s world; we will therefore become increasingly able to pursue our institutional goals, namely protecting and making the most of Italian cooking traditions and informing the public about the best restaurants. The inside cover is the advertising page which, for the first time, will be published in many national media outlets. The invitation to download the new App is not, therefore, aimed only at Academicians, but at all Italian cuisine lovers. The new App is described in detail on page 9 of this issue, but in brief, it permits exploration of our institutional brochure which is rich in basic information and contains all Academic regulations, offers updated food news, and allows access to the magazine and the Academy’s recipes.
Academicians will also find a members’ area, accessible with one’s currently valid membership card number. This section contains the regularly updated and easily navigable Members’ Handbook. This is one of the aspects which most intensely involved the Academy’s various departments, considering the complexity of harmonising the Secretariat’s and the App’s software; furthermore we asked the developers to create a swift, intuitive and efficient search function.
This is arguably the App’s ‘jewel in the crown’, which slashes printing and shipping costs and frees the Delegates from having to deliver booklets personally to all Academicians, who don’t all regularly attend functions. For all this I thank the staff of the Secretariat and also the software development company which has by now been collaborating with us for some time, having also managed the Restaurant Guide App which remains valid and active. So now all that’s left is to download the App with our best wishes for an interesting journey through the Academy’s world.

Paolo Petroni
President of the Accademia