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The Italian Academy of Cuisine is a private cultural association, recognised as a legal entity, which undertakes activities of substantial public interest. It is non-profit and non-partisan, maintaining the democratic principle of allowing admission irrespective of gender, language, religion, political opinion or social and personal circumstances.
The Academy exclusively pursues goals of public utility through the unremunerated activities of its central and territorial governing bodies, and of its members, both in Italy and abroad.

The central statutory bodies of the Academy are:
• the General Assembly of Delegates;
• the 30-member Academic Advisory Council;
• the 9-member President’s Council;
• the President;
• the Vice-Presidents;
• the Secretary-General;
• the Treasurer;
• the Arbitration Board, with 3 members plus 2 alternate members
• the Supervisory Body, with 3 members plus 2 alternate members


The local statutory bodies are:
The Delegation
The Delegate
The Delegation Advisory Board
The Regional Coordinators in Italy

All positions within governing bodies of the Academy, whether elected or nominated, are for a duration of three years from the date of the Regular Assembly of Delegates. Officers may be re-elected and reconfirmed.