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SURVEYS AND STATISTICS - Restaurants, habits and food purchases

Restaurants: two out of three Italians eat out less, and not only for fear of contagion

A recent survey conducted by IZI in collaboration with Comin & Partners on Italians’ post-COVID habits reveals that 64% of Italians eat out less, and not only because they fear contagion (55%) but also because of economic difficulties generated by the crisis (25%) and because of the restrictions imposed on restaurants (20%). A 38% increase in food-delivery service is also noted, up by a possible 20% after the emergency, requiring the sector’s priorities to be re-thought.

The 2020 Coop report: food habits and purchases after lockdown

The Italian Coop supermarket chain’s report for 2020 shows that restaurant closures during lockdown have driven Italians, especially young ones, back to the stove, fuelling a 28% increase in basic ingredient sales; purchases of packaged staples have doubled with respect to 2019. The food sold has mostly been Made in Italy, sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly, in contrast with trends observed in many other European countries and in the USAOnline shopping services are up 56%, as is online shopping with in-store pick-up (click and collect service).