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Working Group for the VIII Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World 2023

The final working group meeting for the VIII Week of the Italian Cuisine was held virtually on 18 October. The Week, set for 13-19 November, will have the theme At the table with Italian cuisine: tasteful well-being”. The meeting, organised by the Italian Foreign Ministry’s Directorate General for Country Promotion and led by its Councillor Andrea Canepari, was attended by over a hundred representatives from government bodies, associations and other entities variously involved in the event. 

After Councillor Canepari’s exhaustive presentation on the Week’s principal themes and the specialised input of Dr Pietro Paolo Proto and the Cultural Institute’s representative, a spokesperson for the Chambers of Commerce took the floor, among other things thanking the Academy for its contribution to the Chambers’ promotional activities by having the History of Italian Cuisine in Comics translated into various languages. Councillor Canepari then introduced the next speaker, the Academy’s Secretary-General Roberto Ariani, offering congratulations for our 70 years of championing food culture and undertaking important projects alongside the Ministry. Roberto Ariani conveyed the greetings of President Paolo Petroni, confirming the crucial contribution of the Academy’s Delegations, which, as in previous years, have again organised many events for the Week’s forthcoming VIII edition.