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IV Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

18 November 2019
The Villa Farnesina, headquarters of the Italian Foreign Ministry, hosted the working group, coordinated by Director-General Vincenzo De Luca, in preparation for the fourth edition of International Italian Food Week, planned fo

Autumn Academic Council meeting

24 October 2019
The Academic Council in Milan


31 January 2019
Over the years, the Academy has witnessed the spontaneous gro


23 November 2018
The third edition of International Italian Food Week, in which the Italian Academy of Cuisine played a starring role, recently drew to a

Meeting of the Academic Council (Milan, 24 October 2018)

24 October 2018
In an atmosphere of friendship and fruitful collaboration, the Academic Council met for the second time in 2018 this past 24th

Press launch of the Good Traditional Table Guide for 2019 (Milan, 18 October 2018)

18 October 2018
During a well-attended press conference, President Paolo Petroni presented the Guide’s new edition, available in books

Regional Study Centre Directors’ meeting (Milan, 11 October 2018)

11 October 2018
Another institutional gathering was held in Milan in October.

Regional Coordinators’ meeting (Milan, 3 October 2018)

3 October 2018
The Regional Coordinators’ meeting took place on the 3rd of October at the