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Focus is the Editorial by President Paolo Petroni published in the magazine Civiltà della Tavola

Data Focus
June 2024

Defending and improving our cuisine

We are honoured to be passionate stewards of its traditions.

April 2024

Carbonara: the world’s favourite Italian dish

Loved, discussed, vilified, sublimated, it is the recipe which has undergone the greatest changes over time.

March 2024

The long and winding road to Italian cuisine’s UNESCO recognition

The Academy's commitment is unwavering, alongside other supporting Communities.

February 2024

The ‘tractor revolt’ inflaming European and Italian politics has distant roots

An intricate web of problems involving European laws, national tax systems and world commerce.

January 2024

Food waste is a serious problem, but consumers are far from being the worst offenders

The food industry and large-scale distributors conduct lenghty studies to attract customers.

December 2023

A brillant year filled with events and achievements

New challenges await us as we defend our food culture in Italy and abroad.

November 2023

Twilight of the Guides

They're losing their appeal, reviewing the same restaurants with few novelties or score changes.

October 2023

The new Good Traditional Table Guid is ready

Suspended for 4 years due to the pandemic, it is now online with a new app.

September 2023

Summer hits

This year, blue crabs and high restaurant prices have dominated the news in the media. 

July 2023

The Academy's birthday gifts

A prestigious book and a splendid stamp.

June 2023

The Academy marks its seventieth birthday with a new Manifesto

Guidelines for the conduct of all who care about Italian cuisine.

May 2023

Success breeds envy

Our cuisine'candidature for UNESCO Intagible Cultural Heritage status must be defended and supported.