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"Food for Earth": a 24-hour global digital marathon for sustainability

22 April 2021
On the 22nd of April, marking the UN’s Inter

Agriculture Ministry: the first campaign for exporting Italian rice to China is under way

15 April 2021
Following negotiations for exporting Italian rice to China, the Italian Embassy in Beijing announces that all Italian rice growers’ applications to

The National Rice Board’s new portal is now online, promoting rice consumption

29 March 2021
Italy’s Ente Nazionale Risi (National Rice Board), a public economic organisation formed in 1931 and overseen by the Minis

Dante Alighieri and food

25 March 2021
Milano Brera Academician Aldo E. Tàmmaro explains how the Bard’s body of work may help to emphasise the importance of food in human life.

Italian cuisine as a UNESCO candidate

23 February 2021
The first meeting of the research committee for Italian cuisine’s UNESCO candidature has been held via Zoom.

Meeting of the AIG Board of Directors

18 February 2021
On the 18th of February, the Board of Directors of the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie (AIG) held its first post-COV

New Legation opens in Japan

17 February 2021
The new Legation covers the Kansai area, particularly the city of Osaka, which has the largest Italian community in Japan after Tokyo and boasts notewort

New York meets Viareggio

16 February 2021
For the second Quarantine Cuisine event, the New York Delegation, led by Roberta Marini de Plano,

CNN: discovering Italy’s regions with Stanley Tucci

12 February 2021
On the 14th of February, CNN will launch the documentary series Searching for Italy with a special corres