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Focus Archive

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New York, like California, bans the sale of foie gras (December)
American tariffs harm some of our exports (November)
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Magazine makeover (January)


The victories and defeats of our cuisine (December)
Restaurants that sell ‘hot air’ (November)
 UNESCO and ‘labels’ to safeguard typical cuisine (October)
  The Mediterranean diet is dangerous (September)
Italy’s great chefs deserve praise (July)
The Academy rewards the Ambassadors of Taste in homage to the founder Orio Vergani (May)
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The Academy must be ready for the challenges of the third millennium (March)
 Gualtiero Marchesi and Paul Bocuse are gone (February)
 Orio Vergani: man, journalist, Academician (January)


 Youth and the Academy (December)
Mystery on a plate (November)
The Academy must be responsive to current issues (October)
  Where is our chicken pepper stew? (September)
We have lost a legend of world cuisine (July)
Arrigo Cipriani: a sensationally ‘contrarian’ interview (June)